Ork Bommer Project Finished!

It took me two weeks to get my Ork plane done and I'm very happy with the result. It really turned out exactly the way I wanted, a nice old, rusty and banged up flying suicide machine...

I only bought one box but I still want to be able to field all three types of planes so I got busy with magnets and ended up magnetising the bombs and rokkits, pilot's windshield, Grot gunner turret and a closing cap for when I want to field the Dakkajet and don't want the Grot gunner on the model. This cap is from the Ork Battlewagon kit and fits exactly although it would have been better if it was a little bigger.

I have also put up this model on CoolMiniorNot and I'd like to ask you to go there using this LINK and rate the model for me as I don't have that option here on my blog.

So here's my new baby...

You can see what I mean with the closing cap for the grot gunner's turret at the picture on the right. It fits in just fine and doesn't look out of place. I could have magnetised the whole part that fits the turret but I thought this was a good alternative.

With a few small alterations I can also use this model as a Burna-Bommer. The magnetised bombs and rokkits click under the wings quite easily. I can click on the back windows from the pilot's canopy (also magnetised) and of course the grot gunner looks fantastic in his little turret. In this picture you can see the grot without the glass top. I didn't glue it because it snaps on and off quite nicely by itself and I think it's always nice to be able to have a look inside.

I really liked to look of the pilot's glasses in the White Dwarf so I tried to copy that. I think it turned out well and it looks as if you can see the horizon in the pilot's glasses reflection. The rest of the pilot and cockpit are pretty simple and straight forward . He looks like a proppa fighta ace.( ready to go down in a blazing ball of fire...)
The engine was a pretty straight forward job. Some boltgun metal and a few washes and after that I did some highlighting and I picked out some details. The soot was done by simply drybrushing some chaos black in the direction of the flight of the plane.

And last of course the formidable Blitza-Bommer with it's two Big Bombs. I don't think I'll play this type of plane a lot for the Orks because to use a pretty wonky result table when you drop of the bombs with a pretty high risk of knocking yourself out of the air. But just because I've got the parts and it only cost me a few magnets more I thought I would paint them up as well.

Again I'd like to ask you to follow this link and rate my Bommer on CMoN. You can rate the individual Bommer here:

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