Salt chipped Manufactorum

Last Christmas I got two sets of the games workshop 40K Manufactorum. Having two sets is great because I can make a good sized building or rather ruin with it. I want to make 3 single corner pieces that can fit together or can be used as 3 single ruins. I plan to glue them down on a piece of MDF and add some debris here and there.

I also wanted to try a new technique I saw on the internet. It's called salt chipping and it's handy to create a weathered look for your buildings or vehicles. If you are not familiar with this technique then I suggest you watch THIS video by Girl Painting where it is explained quite clearly. (it is an actual remake of a video done by MassiveVoodoo but they did it in German)

The technique on it self is quite simple and gives a stunning result. much better then doing it by brush or sponge. It's just a bit more work. I might do a tutorial on it myself when I'm going to do the next bit of Manufactorum.

As you can see I added some "motivational" posters to the walls for added realism. Quite fun to do and I like how it turned out. I just made these little banners on my pc with photoshop but on this scale I think even MsPaint would work. I scaled them to size and printed them on normal paper. then cut them to the right size and soaked them in some gryphonne sepia wash and stuck them on the wall without any glue or anything. Then I torn a bit of the edges and folded some corners as if the poster had been hanging there for many many years.

In the end I think I have got a pretty decent manufactorum ruin but as I said this is only 50% of the work because I'm going to glue them on some MDF and make the floor and add some debris. I will keep you posted.


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Porky said...

The modular three corners approach makes sense, and I love the effect - it looks ancient, heavily weathered and worn down by who knows what actions over the years.