Bought a New Airbrush

I have always wanted an airbrush but I just never got round to getting one. I never knew what to look for in new airbrushes. What model, what specs, what pistol... It wasn't until Dave from Wargaming tradecraft wrote an article on buying compressors, airtanks and so on that I started to understand what kind of airbrush would fit my needs. Dave made a whole series of articles on airbrushes that were very helpful.

-I want my airbrush to be quiet because my game/hobby room is in the attic and running an air hose to my garage would be too long.
-I want an airbrush with a tank to minimise moisture and keep a constant airflow.
-I want to be able to airbrush large areas like base coating or terrain.
-I want to be able to airbrush small details.
-I don't really need to be able to airbrush very very fine lines.
-I don't want to spend more then €150 ($200)

The Black Bull Starterset meets all these criteria so I ordered one that came in yesterday. I have set it up and turned on and it was even more quiet then I anticipated and the pressure regulator works great. I still have to try out the pistol but from what I can see it will be a joy to start experimenting with. Bring on the batch painting....!

Here's the specs:

Airbrush compressor Black Bull BC23MT3 with 3 liter(0,8 Gal) airtank:* Oil free piston compressor with switch off
* Airflow max. 23 liter / minute (6.1 Gal)* Max Pressure 4 bar (55 PSI)
* Incl. airfilter, pressure gauge and pressure regulator
* Voltage 220-240 Volt / 50 Hz
* Motor 1450 rpm
* Noise 47 dB
* Weight 5,2 kg (11,5 pounds)
* Size 310 x 130 x 310 mm

Airbrushpistol Black Bull 35F Double action:* Needle / nozzle 0,2 mm
* Extra needle/nozzle 0,3 en 0,5 mm
* Black Bull anti condens airbrushshose 1/8 - 1/8
* 2cc paint cup
* Gewicht: ca 60 gr


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Dave G said...

Glad I could help! Sounds like you were able to make a well informed decision!