Back from the dead!

It's ALIVE !!!
I've been in the wargaming hobby for quite a few years now and it was back in 2010 that I started this blog. I started mainly with Games Workshop models and articles but over the years my interest for other gaming systems grew. On my blog I wrote quite a few articles but in 2014 the number of articles dwindled fast. I also started to post on my facebook page and I also started a new blog to keep my Bolt Action posts separate from my Games Workshop posts.

Now I'm pulling it all back together and I will add more old content from the other platforms and post them here.

The blog now has some post that have bad links and some pictures that are missing. I'll have to go through all the old posts and see if they need fixing. What can't be fixed will be deleted unfortunately.

I have rearranged the blog here and there and I'll add new pages and content over the next few weeks. I have also updated my blogroll. Every blog that wasn't updated in the past 6 months was deleted. If you have a blog and you want to be on the blogroll then please drop a message. I'm also asking other bloggers again if I can be on their blogroll.
With all the patchwork and restoration work the blog will look a bit like the Frankenstein monster but I hope you can forgive me. Hope to get things sorted out soon.


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