Poldercon 2015

My Bolt Action Gaming table
This weekend I hosted the Bolt Action demo game at Poldercon. This was the first wargaming day organised by wargamers that want to learn people new games to play. About 100 people pre-registered for the day and about 30 different games were played. As I was doing the Bolt Action Demo on my own I didn't get to see a lot of the other games but there were some stunning tables there and all with great models on them. It was therefor much to my surprise that my table was voted "Best looking Table". A proud moment indeed.

My home table, 100% made by me. Pictures taken by various participants of last weekend's Poldercon. I have started making this table about a year ago and I keep adding stuff to it. Most recently the bases for the houses and the pigs pen. Hope you enjoy


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