Bolt Action British Army Support Weapons

Here are some pictures of my British Support weapon teams. A Vickers Machine Gun Nest and a Mortar team. I had some Green Stuff to spare so I made a lot of sandbags.

Bolt Action British MMG Team
 The MMG is handy for covering zones of the gaming table. Their fire arc must be placed to I can cover as much ground as possible. I will use mine to lock down choke points or a table edge when I expect my opponent to try and outflank me bring in his troops from the sides.

In bolt action the rules for mortars are a bit wonky in my opinion. You can only hit on a six and lower the score needed to hit by one each round, that is if your target hasn't moved. If you miss no scatter or anything...you just missed.

I think these small support weapon teams look ace on the gaming table and they both have a role on the gaming table. Fun to paint and definitely fun to field.


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