Ork Kommandos

Ork Kommandos
Some time ago I finished these Ork Kommandos but I never got round to post them on my blog.
I painted them in Desert camo and some yellow bits to tie them into my Bad Moons army.

They are not the most reliable unit in the Ork range but they certainly are a lot of fun to use in games.
The ability to surprise your opponent with a small unit of cunning Orks behind their battle lines is priceless. I have 4 normal boys, 2 burnas and a nob with a powerklaw. If you position them right you can get quite a few kills the turn the come on the table by using the burnas and the burnas also help if they get charged. The unit is quite small but it faces the opponent with a problem, deal with them now or let them roam free. usually my opponents try to get rid of them asap which is good because my other units are more likely to close in on the enemy.

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