Catching up with the munitorum tape measure

It's been quiet on my Blog for some time now. My last post is from just over two months ago when I went away on Holiday. No updates whatsoever for two months but I did get some projects done. I have been extremely busy with painting, setting up a 40k club campaign and setting up a small scale webshop for wargaming related products. I'm currently finalising things with the webshop so that I can  launch the website in the new year.

Good thing about the posting drought is that I have a good couple of projects finished that I can start posting here on my blog.

So without further ado.....

Here's my Munitorum Tape measure.... A weird thing that GW released a couple of months ago. It comes "pre painted silver" but I think it looks horrible. I decided to get my airbrush out and started painting the thing. In the end I think it looks alright now.

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