Bruno Grelier Tribute

Yesterday is was put to my attention that Bruno Grelier had passed away last week. Sad news! Bruno was an enormously talented miniature painter. If you are not familiar with his work you can have a look at the links in this post. Fortunately for us Bruno has a lot of his work online.

A man that will be missed not only by his family but also by our own community.

As a painter and member of the frenchWaaagh.org he has spoilt us with countless of well painted Orks. His quirky and fun conversions always made me wonder how he did it all. He made use of all that he could find to come up with the most awesome models ever. It's no surprise he has won a lot of Golden Demons over the years.

For me personally Bruno was a great inspiration and I have looked at his Orks for many hours.Always coming up with something new and with an extremely high standard paint job was what set him apart from other painters.

Bruno didn't just paint Orks, i think he painted everything he liked or could get his hands on. here are some great examples of that.

Bruno's personal Gallery  You must visit this!
Golden demons

Bruno RIP, thank you for giving us inspiration and countless fantastic models to look at.
My thoughts go out to the family.

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