Mini Showcase BeastLord

For a christmas special at my gaming club we all put one of our models in a hat and drew one each to paint up for eachother. The funny thing was we didn't know who contributed which model and we had to keep it a secret untill our anual mega battle in December(more about that later...). We would then all put the model we painted on the table to have a look at eachothers work and take our own respective models back home.

I drew this great model. The beastmen army general, a Beastlord! I never painted any goats so it was a challenge but I was very pleased with the result. I always seem to paint better when I paint for someone else, or at least that's what I think. It was great to see all the painted models on the table and the IG Kommisar I put in turned out great as well. I don't play IG nor do I still collect them but it is a great model to paint.

The guy I painted this angry goat for was very pleased with my efforts. He hadn't played with his beastmen army for a while but now he will start playing again and he's even bought new units to expand his already impressive army. I couldn't get a greater honour then that.

The paintjob itself just took about 4 hours because the models was already undercoated. I did give it a new base as the model wasn't based at all. It was fun to paint and not too complicated but I'm not a fan of the beastmen myself so it will probably be a one off unless I get a commission order in to do a beastmen unit/army.


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